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Friday, December 30, 2005

Drum and Bass

One of my favorite kinds of music is Drum and Bass, and I listen to it mostly on I went to a drum and bass night at Lava Lounge Wednesday and it was great. Bass By the Pound put it on, they are a Chicago Drum and Bass Collective. Yeah. Awesome. I'm going to start going more, it's every wednesday. We should all go.


Blogger Brad said...

Vero Beach crew, holla! You were awesome at Riverside Theaterin Vero. It must have been just awesome up there swearing and fondling your horse in front of a crowd full of 70 year olds, hahahaha.

Anyway, this comment has nothing to do with Drum 'n Bass, but I just wanted to drop a line, so there it is.

Thanks for a great show, and keep up the blog. It's funny. Your style is great. Can't wait to see you in the big show and talk about how I saw you at a theater one time.

9:22 PM  
Blogger Jason said...

Thursday, January 21

Junglefly welcomes...
Tickets: $5 all night
21 & over
Doors: 10pm / Show: 10pm

9:41 AM  

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