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Thursday, December 22, 2005

More Crackers than ever

They brought crackers and candy to the office I'm sort of working at. I ate more crackers than I ever have, I think, and certainly I ate more italian breadsticks then I ever have. I'm trying not to spend any money for two days, and it's working if I con't spend any money tonight. MySpace is a good way to be friends wtih people.
In L.A. I hung out with my friend Andrew Kahn. He's funny, and a blast. I'm nearly certain that we stumbled into a strip club on Sunset Strip for several hours around noon on a tuesday. I think I learned the most about L.A. there, about what it means to be a star, and what it means to be the guy paying 55 dollars to the star to feel like you're her boyfriend for one song.



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