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Tuesday, November 01, 2005


I had a really terrible Halloween. I can't imagine why I would want to post that on the internet, but it was AWFUL. Worst one I've had so far. Great. Completely miscommunicated with a girl that I was supposed to be hanging out with, went to a party that my friends weren't into at all, my costume went over much worse than I thought it would, and over all a real bullshit time. I will from now on only go to giant halloween parties at clubs where everything is expensive and I am lost in a crowd of people who are in cliche, hack cosutmes and dancing poorly to music that is appropriately themed.

I did have a great show sunday for the HBO scout for the Aspen Comedy festival and that was good.

Halloween 2005 will go down in my personal history as a bad one.


Blogger No one imporant said...

That's too bad you had a bad halloween. Congratulations on your show Sunday though. Are you going to do bombast again? Do. That was the only fun thing I did last year, and I went like five times. You might not remember.
-Mickey Mangan

7:03 PM  

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