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Thursday, September 22, 2005

I'm posting again

I'm blogging again. I can't really see why. I have so much work to do at work, and I can't even believe it. Today I had lunch with Lauren Bishop. She is a woman that German men are attracted to, and is on
and might be on
It's pretty sweet to eat Thai food with this girl. I got to tell you. She's funny because she can't talk right now--she had surgery done on her vocal chords. I like that she is smart and wise, even though she's older than me. I hope that we can lunch again. I really liked her shoes, and I made a joke about how they were nice, but underneath that joke was a sincere compliment about a pair of really great red shoes, with plastic transparent/red flower things on them. I have done little work lately and keep drinking beer and it keeps making me drunk. I have a stand up show tonight where I will perform 25-30 minutes of my stand-up comedy. It is primarily designed for laughter. I'm not as prepared as I should be. I'm really feeling an undercurrent of depression and it's starting to lift--but it's still present. I'm going to a therapist soon so that should be good, but to be honest, I couldn't afford anything except a pet therapist, so I told him i'm bringing my dog, and then I'm just going to say that I forgot it and then ease into the session myself. I hope it works. I'm going to stop looking at pornography online because it takes up too much of my time. I don't really find pleasure in it, but the problem is, I kind of feel like it's rude if I close a window without masturbating to it. Kind of an insult to the people involved. So every time I click out and it pops up, I have to masturbate again and that takes forever. I've don't know if you've tried to close browser windows with pornography but sometimes 15 pop ups can come right after. My body wasn't made for this kind of etiquette. I have to stop being worried about offending these people.

Anyway, I think I ate Pad Thai today.


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