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Monday, October 03, 2005

Blogging is an unfortunate name

I think "Blog" and "Blogging" are unfortunate names for the act of posting one's thoughts or journaling online and publishing them in a public forum.

I suggest "Slog" and "Eating Pizza, Making Friends." The second one might confuse some people, but when doesn't that phrase confuse people.

Slumber party at my house in several weeks, no one is invited.


Back in Chicago

I'm back in Chicago, back in the day job office. I'm hardly ever here anymore, i'm surprised they haven't fired me. I'm a good worker when I'm here though. I've got a lot of work to do, and I can't imagine why I would be blogging right now. It's just not a very good use of my time. I mean, I have literally hundreds of pages to abstract, and I'm sitting her blogging away. Blog Dog Style.
I would love for people to email me reasons I should not be blogging, or other things I could be doing with my time rather than blogging.
I didn't sleep very much last night. Two sets, bombed one out and killed the other, and did some improv. Comedy till I die mother f*cckkkaaaaaa

You better believe our tour was awesome to MN and WI. We were killing it all over the cheese curd city.

Later (but not too much later)