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Saturday, March 31, 2007

Dream Journal #34

Last night I had a dream where a robot could dance better than me. We were all doing the robot, and he was just more natural. And then we did the "person" and he was better at that than me as well. It was really embarrassing, and I went over to the chips to eat and be alone, but the chips were all soggy, and then I realized I had been crying in the chips and the dip for a while and everyone was sideways glancing at me. The tears ruined the chips but actually complimented the artichoke dip, which I thought had too much chipotle mayonaise. I then sat in a chair which became a shark but was more comfortable and remained still long enough for me to carry on a conversation with a Mule with the head of my father and the tenacity of my mother. I got up to leave, but the front door led directly into my car, which was confusing at first but then just convenient. Then I drove/flew to a third grade classroom where I could see myself answering a question incorrectly, so when the bell rang I changed the answer and later found out the young me was right, I was wrong, and thus he got a B-. I elected not to tell him and drove/flew back to the party but everyone was gone except for the robot who was sleeping on an ottoman which turned into an otter.

I interpret that I'm having trouble with recent events.

It's been a while

since I've posted guys!!! Sorry!! I realize that a lot of you check this daily and I'm not writing much, and I'm going to try and do more of that, but it's hard, I've got so much going on! Okay, first off, two of my cats are sick, sick as dogs LOL! One has gangreen (don't ask me!!) and the other has a degenerative nerve disease that comes only from sever alcoholism. It came as a shock to me and my doctor, who was with me at the veterinarian (in case I pass out!!!). So it's hard enough to keep track of all my animals and their ailments, much less blog on a yearly or bi-annually basis, but I'm TRYIN!!!

talk soon,



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